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“Someone once asked me what we were. Were we enemies, lovers, or just friends? I didn’t know what to answer, so I just said that I don’t know. And I think that it’s sad, Quinn. They’ll never know.


[Faberry Week] Day 1 - Fairy Tales

Faberry as Swan Queen

This time… I will be listening


please don’t say you love me: A Quinn & Rachel Fanmix [LINK1] it’s been awhile since i made something about them, so if you download at least like the post, enjoy ;] - you can consider this playlist as something related to future Rachel laced with regrets for not staying/trying with Quinn. But you can still look at some songs from Quinn POV as well

  1. PLEASE DON’T SAY YOU LOVE ME|Gabrielle Aplin “doesn’t mean my heart stop skipping a beat when you look at me like that”
  2. BLACK FLIES|Ben Howard “maybe you were the ocean when i was just a stone”
  3. TWO WAY STREET|Kimbra “i think i’m ready to let you get under my skin”
  4. WILD HORSES|Liz Gillies ( The Rolling Stones cover) “you know who i am”
  5. A THOUSAND WORDS|Hoobastank “i wish i had a voice so i could say,a thousand words trapped inside me” 
  6. THREE WISHES|The Pierces ”we’d be less fragile if we’re made from metal”
  7. IN MY VEINS|Andrew Belle “oh you’re in my veins and i cannot get you out”
  8. FURTHER|Longview “something’s new but nothing changed
  9. BE ALRIGHT|Lucy Rose “my feelings are still here and growing,they’re new to me and i’m still learning”
  10. THE LAST TIME|Taylor Swift feat. Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol “this is the last time i’m asking you why
    you break my heart in the blink of an eye
  11. CRUEL LOVE|Luke Pickett “but i need a miracle that can save me from your cruel love


Faberry Calendar 2013 | month #1
Kiss me anywhere, love me in every way

Here’s the first, I don’t know in which month it will be, but I decide it when every drawing is completed.
This is based on a popular lesbian post in tumblr, I don’t have the link, if you have link me, please. 
Enojy ;)

tools: photoshop CS3, wacom intuos 


Faberry Calendar 2013 | month #2
Dream a little dream of me

Second month of the calendar.
Reference picture.
- All the drawings here
Enjoy ;)

tools: photoshop CS3, wacom intuos